Daniel Faure

I started as a programmer in early 90's with Clipper Summer 87, then moved to CA-Clipper 5.x. I added OOP with two libraries: first a simple objects.lib, then a more sophisticated Classy 1.0.

On 2002 I started web programming, first with Active Perl on ms-Windows server, then moved to Linux, Apache and PHP. After 13 years making sites and web applications, I am this days working on my own development. My preferred database server is Postgresql, I've been using it for over 15 years, I love to tune up every query I need.

Now in 2019 I'm advanced in my project wich is about creating complex websites and web applications in the shortest possible time, in order to have a competitive price in my local market.

My job status is the same as in 2015: freelancing and developing for my own, aiming to for a professional team which is not easy to do in my country, Argentina.

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