I am iOS developer with extensive knowledge in Swift and Objective-C programming languages, development iOS applications from scratch since 2014. I am adept to use several software design patterns as MVC, Observer, Singleton, etc. I also cover web development using PHP, Nodejs, RoR creating differents kind of sites as personal websites, information websites, company websites or blogs. I am well experienced in REST APIs creation using Nodejs, PHP, RoR with token based authentication. I have knowledge in relational databases creation as MySQL, Postgresql too in Non relational database creation as MongoDB. It should be noted that version management of my projects is made with GIT and projects that are public are hosted on github.com. In addition to my main programming languages (Swift/Objective-C) I also worked with C, Java in university projects, for example my degree work was an application for Android phones using Java.

I would like to continue creating new iOS applications or maintaining old, I would like to use the latest published Apple APIs to create creative and useful iOS applications. In particular I feel very confident using Swift because I have a fast and efficient technique to create quality code, so that I consider myself a versatile programmer that can fit in a semi senior position as iOS developer.

I'm known for being problem solver, proactive and constant in my goals, so I would appreciate to get an opportunity to show all my capacities creating stuff. I would be very confident working within a team in a software company, with all my skills that I collected in my 6 years of experience, I could fit easily in different roles and work well with multidisciplinary teams.

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