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As Backend Team Lead my responsibilities range from developing, new features, helping decide architectures, testing, strategic, CI pipelines, managing client, infrastructure, etc In the Shell B2C project, the team delivers the backends for a big global app:

  • Mobile payments, Connected Car, Loyalty, Single Sign On, Business Rule Engines notifications
  • 38 countries
  • Agile, working using Scrum Framework and Nexus for our ways or working

Some Enterprise Projects and Technologies

  • Developing a content management system to handle all Apps configuration. Stack based on Node.js (Fastify framework), MongoDB, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Event Hub, PostgreSQL, micro services architecture
  • Single Sign On to unify all accounts accessing all services (Loyalty, payments and other providers). Stack based on Node.js (Express), Redis, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Web Apps
  • Business Rule Engine to send notifications based on defined business rules (all is configurable under a custom CMS). Stack based on Node.js, Azure Service Bus, MySQL, CosmosDB and Redis
  • Unify providers APIs to have a common schema and keep the app more resilience. Stack based on Azure Functions JS
  • Securing the infrastructure using Azure Application Gateway, Web Application Firewall, Azure API Management, Azure DDOS protection

My specialities are Software Design, Systems Scalability and Web Security. Do you have a challenge? :)

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