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First ever to be awarded the gold badge, even ahead of Dimitre Novatchev and Michael Kay. Now please start using XSLT 3.0 and asking questions so I don't get bored.

As http://xsltransform.net/ never got updated to newer Saxon versions and especially Saxon 9.8 (the first Saxon version to support the XSLT 3 spec finalized in June 2017) I have set up https://xsltfiddle.liberty-development.net/ which uses the .NET version of Saxon HE (now using the latest version 10 available for .NET framework) to allow testing and sharing XSLT 3 samples. Due to various problems with excessive/abusive db use I have suspended the db based fiddle but you can continue to use various XSLT processors at https://xsltfiddle-beta.liberty-development.net/.

With SaxonJS 2 also allowing direct XSLT 3.0 execution in the browser with the help of the fn:transform XPath 3.1 function I have furthermore created a pure browser based XSLT 3 fiddle, needing no backend. Also available as a PWA, to allow cross-platform offline installation.

As Saxonica so far has only created the enterprise level, commercial SaxonCS for XSLT 3.0, XPath 3.1 and XQuery 3.1 under .NET Core aka .NET 6 or later, I have tried to create an open-source sucessor of Saxon-HE for .NET Core aka .NET 6 or later, using IKVM to cross-compile the Saxon HE 11 or 12 Java releases to .NET and have produced a couple of dotnet command line tools and libraries that allow the use of XSLT 3.0, XPath 3.1 and XQuery 3.1 under MPL 2.0 with .NET 6 aka .NET core:

Using the CheerpJ 3 (currently available as a release candidate) Java to JavaScript/web assembly runtime I have also managed to run Saxon HE 11 Java in the browser, a browser based fiddle is at https://martin-honnen.github.io/cheerpj-saxon-worker/index-workbench.html. An a bit more developed version for Saxon 12 is online at https://martin-honnen.github.io/cheerpj3-saxonhe12-fiddle/.

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