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iOS/Android Software Engineer. Around 10 years working professionally for technology companies of different areas, financial, health care, IoT, retail, government. Developing native iOS and Android apps (Swift/Obj-C, Kotlin/Java) and creating native plugins for hybrid frameworks. Developing mobile SDKs for iOS and Android.

To improve development processes. I create automated ways to distribute and handle releases, builds for apps or SDKs. CI/CD with Github Actions, Gitlab, Bamboo, Azure DevOps (and Python scripts).

I write unit tests, integration tests, and UI tests (XCTest, JUnit, Espresso, Mockito) at different stages of development. Trying to adopt TDD for new and specific projects.

I led some teams, I led a Bootcamp to train new developers. My main strength is knowing both platforms deeply and that helps me drive development between mixed teams, Android and iOS.

I like to test and adopt new technologies for personal projects and suggest them when they reach a mature level for professional projects. I have several talks and conferences as a speaker. Collaborator in technology communities and attendee to the most important developer events, Google I/O and Apple WWDC. I like to share, I create content, video tutorials, developer resources for my website.

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