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Founder of SWAMEDIDA Computer Engineer with extensive experience in managing and coordinating multidisciplinary teams, leading projects, developing professional relationships with customers and promoting the success of their business plans related to IT.

Extensive training which includes many courses and various Architectures & Tecnology in the sector .

Accredited by an extensive professional background how System Engineer, emphasizing leadership skills, sense of responsibility and skills-oriented direction.

As a consultant, customer orientation in a rigorous, clear and detailed way, focusing on advice to achieve all those goals that are directed to the business plan, linked to computer systems and associated high technology.

Great training communication skills and for teaching.

SWAMEDIDA was developed from the ground up in response to grow demand clients requesting deploy apps for them business and pass web age to mobile age. This business follow ITIL v3 recomandations and the process eases IT burdens and ensures fast deployment of the solution. Areas of Expertise: - Deploy project for mobile applications (Android,iOS,Windows Phone, Blackberry and webapps). - Design Wireframe/mockups for mobile aplications - Projects Management. - Consulting service Unix,Oracle and Web Aplications in middleware environment

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