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My name is David, I’m 20 years old and I live in Valencia (Spain), a fantastic place for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to sunbathe or eat paella. I’m a full-stack programmer, a PHP fan, a gamer, an Apple hater and I have a cat. His name is Charlie.

I’m mainly dedicated to solve problems, through the development of digital tools, mainly for companies. However, my self-taught streak makes me stay up late messing around with my lab at home. I consider myself lucky to be working on something that is also my hobby.

Although my main obsession is with code, I also have a strong interest in network and systems administration, Kubernetes, artificial intelligence or blockchain. I also enjoy developing small video game ideas in my spare time, trying out technologies I don’t use in my day and night, assembling DIY toys for my cat or searching for electronics on eBay.

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