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Avatar del usuario Juan Benitez
Avatar del usuario Juan Benitez
Avatar del usuario Juan Benitez
Juan Benitez
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Acerca de

Bachelor of Computer Science, Web and mobile developer. Self-taught and passionate about technologies and football. Creator of, my blog about technology, programming, free and open source software.

Technologies that I love:

  • PHP, my favorite language and my entry into the web world, I love developing applications, testing libraries and frameworks. Naturally, I use WordPress to build websites quickly and easily.

  • Android, was my gateway to the mobile world. I was lucky enough to develop several apps and it is always my first option before a mobile project.

  • Ionic (framework for mobile hybrid development); In this world of permanent change I opted for Ionic as my technology to develop hybrid apps. At the moment I have developed several projects using Ionic and I do not regret :)

Other technologies that I work with: Cobol, CICS, JCL, all mainframe tools, I was lucky enough to learn to move in these technologies using an IBM z / OS mainframe; I currently support and develop web services in CICS (SOAP) to connect a legacy mainframe system with new applications.

I am currently learning SEO, a discipline that has led me to travel other paths and that complements and integrates perfectly with programming.

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